Envisioning a World Without Diabetes

Who We Are

The University of Michigan has outstanding clinicians and researchers in diabetes, metabolic disorders, and their complications. MDiabetes serves as the central hub to coordinate these programs. We work across disciplines and serve to integrate rigorous science with patient-centered clinical care to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure diabetes and related disorders.


    • Coordinate among and support diabetes- and metabolism-related research programs to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Engage patients and their families and integrate cutting-edge research with clinical care.
    • Coordinate among clinical programs to enhance care for patients with diabetes and related disorders.
    • Coordinate and support the training and mentoring of those focused on diabetes and metabolism research and care at the University of Michigan.



Featured News

Diabetic Wound Care: New Discovery Points Towards Possible Treatment for Non-Healing Wounds

A new mouse and human tissue study identifies an enzyme critical for normal wound healing.

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New Clinical Trial Accepting Patients, Hopes to Ease Type 1 Diabetes Management

A first-of-its-kind advanced insulin delivery system could help type 1 diabetes patients manage their condition without continually adjusting their insulin doses on their own.

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Discovery in Mice Could Remove Roadblock to More Insulin Production

New research shows that a combination of two immune-system factors could open up new avenues for treating diabetes and obesity.

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