Envisioning a World Without Diabetes

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Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center (MNORC)

This month we're highlighting the Michigan Nutrition Obesity Research Center (MNORC), a cross-campus endeavor in which faculty with expertise in obesity and/or nutrition provide a foundation for emerging, innovative collaborations and a range of services for researchers investigating individual and population characteristics that arise in response to dietary nutrient composition and amount. Learn more about MNORC



Who We Are

The University of Michigan has outstanding clinicians and researchers in diabetes, metabolic disorders, and their complications. MDiabetes serves as the central hub to coordinate these programs. We work across disciplines and serve to integrate rigorous science with patient-centered clinical care to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure diabetes and related disorders.


    • Coordinate among and support diabetes- and metabolism-related research programs to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Engage patients and their families and integrate cutting-edge research with clinical care.
    • Coordinate among clinical programs to enhance care for patients with diabetes and related disorders.
    • Coordinate and support the training and mentoring of those focused on diabetes and metabolism research and care at the University of Michigan.